Hawke Aerospace Holdings, LLC

A Private Equity-Backed Holding Company Focused on the Helicopter Services Segment of the Aerospace Industry
Hawke Aerospace Holdings has transformed from a helicopter-industry specialized private equity sponsor into a Helicopter Services holding company. Most recently, as of December 31, 2013, Hawke Aerospace Holdings has partnered with Perella Weinberg Partners to create Infinity Helicopter Leasing, a rotorcraft focused dry lessor.
Perella Weinberg Partners Asset Based Value Strategy and Hawke Aerospace Holdings Launch Helicopter Leasing Venture

On August 24, 2012, Hawke Aerospace Group partnered with Boathouse Capital to recapitalize its balance sheet and position for future growth.
Boathouse Capital Invests $6.0 million in Hawke Aerospace Holdings, LLC

As of September 1, 2010, Hawke Capital Partners transitioned from a special purpose private equity partnership into the parent company of 3 wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, at which point Hawke Capital became Hawke Aerospace. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries include:

Uniflight, LLC

Aviation Services Unlimited, LLC, and

Keystone Med-Flight Services

Hawke Aerospace Holdings also maintains a wholly-owned subsidiary specifically for aircraft ownership, Hawke Aircraft Holdings, Inc.

By leveraging decades of successful industry and private equity investment experience, Hawke Aerospace Holdings is able to offer perspective and access relationships for the benefit of its portfolio companies.

Hawke Aerospace Holdings subscribes to the philosophy that good business deals are mutually beneficial transactions and strives, therefore, to create win-win outcomes that stand the test of time. In the best cases, the result is an enduring relationship that transcends the deal.

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